Special Yoga for Special People – BWY In Service Training (IST) for teachers

These events will help teachers gain an understanding of how to approach a Yoga class for less able individuals, and provides the tools that everyone can integrate into their teaching. The workshops will provide a solid foundation for participants to start working more seriously with Special Needs People, and the right guidelines on how to develop their teaching. Next events:

Chair Yoga Continuing Professional Development (CPD): Provides you with the skills to run traditional yoga classes for adults with limited mobility. Full course details

Location: The Arc Centre, 98b St Paul Street, London N1 7DF

Cost: £119

Teachers: Richard Kravetz


Adaptive Yoga – A 5 day course for Yoga teachers

You’ll find out how to use adaptive yoga to promote health and independence for students with chronic conditions and/or impaired mobility. Covering: Types of condition, anatomy, physiology, safe therapeutic exercise, use of breathing, chanting and Yoga Nidra, use of props and adapting postures.

When and Where: 4-6 October 2019 and 15-17 November 2019, at the school of Capoiera, near Finsbury Park station

Note: 10am-5.30pm with 2pm start on Friday and a 3pm finish on Sunday

Cost: £610

Teachers: Richard Kravetz and Mary Mackie


Yoga for Adults with Special Needs, 10th – 12th May 2019 in London

This robust three-day course explores the tools you can use to support adults with a variety of different abilities in discovering their potential through the therapeutic benefits of Special Yoga.  You will develop the knowledge to guide differently abled individuals in a yoga session, and gain the confidence to hold a successful session. You will also learn how yoga affects those people from  physiological, physical and emotional perspectives. For more details please see the web site or contact Richard Kravetz at

Mature Movers Yoga Training – 17 February 2019

Richard’s Mature Movers yoga training will provide you with new skills and creative ways to guide the elderly to move safely, find support and feel included in yoga classes designed for people who find it difficult to get down on a yoga mat. Yoga and related practices are offered to engage the body, mind and spirit to create a fun, sociable and empowering moves so rejuvenated students look forward to coming back to class! so useful with your own mature family members, in elderly care settings and specialised yoga classes. For more details and how to book, go to the booking page.

Chair Yoga in Cheltenham – July 7th 2019

This Chair Yoga workshop will provide you with the necessary tools to guide the elderly or less-abled towards maintaining a safe degree of exercise and movement to help reduce deterioration in older age and promote health & independence with a view to a healthier outlook. Read more plus booking details

In-Service Training Day (IST) day – Chair Yoga For the Less Able

This training is Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and is a hybrid day of training suitable for teachers and members alike. The day helps practitioners gain an understanding of how to approach Yoga for less abled individuals. It will provide tools and techniques to demonstrate how to make yoga’s therapeutic benefits accessible to adults with a variety of specific needs. More details plus how to book