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Your opinion helps to shape the classes

In preparation for on-line yoga in the New Year your feedback is very important to me so I would be grateful if you have not already done so

to kindly take a moment to complete a simple survey  by clicking onto the link below so I can provide classes that are of most benefit to you.

Wishing you all a Joyful and peaceful New Year



New talks planned on health & wellbeing

Dear Yoga Friend,

In addition to the yoga sessions, I’m planning talks on important subjects covering our health and well-being, all by influential professionals.

The first of these is this Wednesday 14th October at 2pm on Osteoarthritis. Please message me to get the joining details.

Frances Ive, author of ONE STEP AHEAD OF OSTEOARTHRITIS is the speaker. When she got #osteoarthritis, health journalist Frances was determined to stay active and mobile. So she researched exercise, diet, supplements, complementary therapies and much more, and discovered plenty of practical tips. As a journalist it seemed natural to her to write about it and One Step Ahead of Osteoarthritis was the result.

So if you’ve just found out that you have OA, suspect that you do, or have had some pain and discomfort for a while, you can find out all about how to manage it and stay active. The talk will be for about 35 minutes including Q & A.

Many Thanks,


PS: If anyone wishes to talk on a health/well-being subject please e-mail me with the details.

More details about September’s online classes 

Here’s some more detail about September 2020’s online classes


Chair yoga is a gentle form of yoga that can be done sitting on a chair or standing on the ground while using the chair for support. You can still do yoga if you are struggling with limited mobility, balance issues, or stubborn stiffness because without ever leaving your seat chair yoga is both safe and effective. These classes are suitable for all.

Classes are every Wednesday , commencing September 9 from 12.00-13.00.


For those who prefer a less physical and more mind based practice I am offering mindfulness meditation classes. These classes are suitable for all and are every Friday, commencing September 11 from 12.00-13.00.



For those of you who prefer yoga on the mat I am offering traditional mat-based yoga sessions-classical yoga postures designed to align your skin, muscles and bones. The benefits include greater strength and flexibility and a path towards creating balance in mind and body. These classes are suitable for beginners and intermediates with lots of different options to accommodate different levels of fitness. Classes are every Friday, commencing September 11 from 9.30-11.



Mat based Pilates is ideal to complement the benefits of yoga set out above. The stretching and flexibility benefits of yoga are combined with the core abdominal strengthening exercises of Pilates to provide an all round body workout which explores lots of different options for a more challenging workout. These classes are more suited to those with a reasonably good level of fitness at the intermediate level. Classes are every Tuesday, commencing September 8 from 19.30-21.00

Yoga for Carers

The experience of being a carer can bring many challenges. This talk explores how Yoga can help carers and the practices which support well being.

My experience of teaching Yoga to adults with special needs and the elderly has given me an insight into this topic. I’m also a carer for my son who has Global Developmental Delay and am a Dementia Friends Champion.

You can find the talk on YouTube.


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